March 1, 2016

Enhancing Your Driving Wellness

Driving wellness is a great concept that focuses on being knowledgeable and up-to-date about the rules of the road; maximizing your personal health and fitness related to driving; and seeking a qualified professional for any concerns about your confidence or ability to drive. Smart drivers know there is always room for improvement, and constantly look for ways to enhance their skills.

How to maximize your safety to be a safe driver:

  • Be a healthy driver. You can improve your driving by taking care of your health – by getting regular checkups, considering the side-effects of any medications you are taking, having a thorough eye exam and exercising regularly.
  • Keep learning. Defensive driver programs provide a baseline of knowledge about safe driving as we grow older. In some states, drivers may receive a discount on their car insurance for completing one of these programs. Drivers who keep learning can stay safer on the road.
  • Adjust to changes in your driving skills. Drivers need to be aware of age related changes and make appropriate adjustments to their driving, such as limiting driving at night, during rush hour, or long distances. Adult drivers can also have their skills assessed by a medical professional specifically trained to understand driving issues, and receive driving rehabilitation if needed.

To learn more about driving wellness and keeping yourself safe on the road, download or order a free copy of You and Your Car: A Guide to Driving Wellness.


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Beth Tracton-Bishop, PhD, Director of Research and Gerontologist at The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence, is responsible for developing and executing qualitative and quantitative research studies related to older driver safety, home design and family transitions, with a focus on translating research findings to consumer based information and public education campaigns.

She also leads the center’s social media strategy, and is the micro-blogger for


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