9 Home DIY Projects for Non-Crafty People

Johnna Kaplan

You don’t need artistic skills, power tools, or an entire week’s worth of free time in order to enhance your home with a few DIY projects. These nine simple (and inexpensive) DIY ideas for non-crafty people don’t require specialized skills or hard-to-find supplies. They can be completed within a few hours, and most of them are reversible, allowing you to return things to their original state.

1. Spray-paint a drab filing cabinet a fresh color.

The quickest way to make a home office feel warm and inviting is to paint a standard filing cabinet a decidedly non-standard color like mint green, pink, or cobalt. Using spray paint means you don’t even need brushes, just a bit of patience between coats. This technique can also transform an industrial-looking metal shelving unit in a basement, closet, or even a bedroom, into a unique piece of furniture.

2. Use dried flowers to fill an odd empty space.

You can fill the void of a strangely placed shelf or confounding corner with an attractive glass bottle filled with dried flowers. The key is to find real dried flowers (or dry your own). Select interesting bottles that look like you collected them intentionally, not like you forgot to take out your recycling.

Look for bottles in the same color but different shapes and sizes, or vice versa. If you’re not a fan of flowers, pretty jars alone will lighten up an empty area, especially if there is a good amount of natural lighting. If you don’t love glass, ceramic vessels work well too.

3. Bring interest to a bland room with stencils.

Stencils let you add a bit of embellishment and flourish to a wall without requiring any artistic talent. The variety of stencils available, from sophisticated patterns to whimsical nature scenes, means you can make over your room in any way you want.

Your color choice is almost unlimited too, since you’re picking the paint. If altering your walls is not an option, you can get the same effect by stenciling a coffee table or dresser.

4. Turn apple crates into shelves.

This labor-free DIY classic has been around for a while, most likely because slatted wooden crates are undeniably useful. They can be stacked to fit together in a variety of arrangements, and they hold anything from books to socks to knick-knacks. If you don’t like rustic decor, sand and paint the crates a glossy white for a clean, simple style or stain them a dark grey for a more modern look.

5. Wallpaper your fridge.

It’s not for everyone, but with some removable (i.e., adhesive-backed) wallpaper in a bold color, or interesting pattern, you can turn a boring old refrigerator into a surprising focal point.

6. Make a unique gallery wall.

Gallery walls are nothing new, but they are especially popular right now. A unique take on the trend is to cover a wall with anything but framed paintings or photos. Add your own individual flair to a room by hanging your collection of canvas tote bags on nails, or posters from your favorite movies in chronological order.

You can also hang a mix of framed quotes and decorative letters spelling out positive words. You can make it eye-catching by choosing to hang items of varying sizes – but keep the tops of the highest frames in line.

7. Revive a retired ladder.

This DIY decoration is growing in popularity, and for good reason: it’s practical, cute, and easy to switch up if you get tired of the look. Just take one vintage wooden ladder, lean it against a wall, and fold your extra blankets or towels over the rungs.

8. Separate two rooms without installing a door.

To add privacy or hide a section of a room, or to split a large open area into smaller spaces, you don’t need to go to the trouble of putting up a door or drilling holes for a curtain rod.

Find one or more curtain panels, depending on the measurements of your walls, and hang them from a tension rod sized to fit your space. This is also an easy way to deal with a closet or bedroom that’s missing its original door. You can also buy tension rods that stand vertically, like poles, and stretch fabric between them, creating a more solid version of a screen.

9. Turn a staircase into a conversation piece with paint.

Get a lot of impact from a little bit of work by painting the risers of your staircase a unique hue. And if you’re feeling especially ambitious, gradually change the hue of the paint as you go up the stairs. You could also paint or stencil words on the risers that come together to form a quote.

Of course, these ideas are just a handful of the options out there for people wanting to improve their space without hiring a professional or taking on a daunting project. Once you begin to envision how your home can be transformed with a few simple DIY projects, the possibilities are practically endless.

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