Livable Design Elsewhere in the Home

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Livable design extends beyond your bathroom and kitchen into just about every inch of your home. There’s no reason other areas of your home, be it the bedroom, the living room or stairwells, shouldn’t be optimized to meet your family’s needs for today and the future. Here are three tips for taking advantage of livable design remodeling ideas in areas of your house you might not have previously considered.

1. Low Pile Carpet

The pile of your carpet refers to its visible surface – the part that you walk on. Installing a low pile carpet (i.e., one with shorter fibers) provides the best surface to prevent tripping and is easier for people with walking aids to move across than high pile carpet. Additionally, low pile carpets tend to remain intact much better in high traffic areas compared to plush carpets, saving on maintenance costs down the line.

2. Interior Lighting and Adjustable Shelving in Your Closet

Finding what to wear in your closet shouldn’t be a chore. Installing lighting along the shelves of your closet can help illuminate your clothing so that you don’t have to strain to see items towards the back of the shelf. Additionally, adjustable shelving enables you to place more items within easy reach.

3. Raised Washer-Dryer Platforms

Doing laundry is no one’s idea of a fun activity. Placing your washer and dryer on raised platforms can make working in the laundry room more comfortable because it reduces the need to awkwardly bend to load, transfer and remove clothing.

See how you could use livable design around your home by taking a Home Design Quiz!

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