Bathroom Design


Your shower nozzle is:


When stepping into the shower, you:


The dimensions of your shower:


You’re considering installing grab bars:


The lighting in your bathroom:


If you or a member of your family wishes to sit while using the shower:


When adjusting the water temperature of your bathroom sink:


True or False: The height of your toilet seat sits a comfortable 17-19 inches above the bathroom floor:


You’re considering installing grab bars in your bathroom:


If you bump into the side of your bathroom countertop,

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Install an adjustable-height, handheld shower hose that can be easily used when seated or standing.

Consider installing a walk-in shower with minimal threshold or lip to step over. The shower threshold should be no more than 1 half-inch high.

Your shower dimensions should be at least 36-by-36 inches. If you’re considering installing a roll-in shower, allow for 36-by-60 inches.

Install decorative grab bars in the tub and shower. Be sure they are securely mounted into studs or walls backed with wood blocking for additional safety. If you’re not interested in grab bars at the time you are remodeling, make sure to add plywood “blocking” between wall studs around the toilet and tub and shower areas so that there is reinforcement for grab bars that are installed later.

Increase the lighting in your bathroom by using multiple sources such as track lighting and recessed lighting fixtures. Installing recessed, waterproof ceiling lighting over the tub and shower can increase safety in the bathroom as well.

Install a built-in or fold-down seat in the shower area to make it easier for anyone to sit and use the shower.

Single-lever handles are the easiest kind to maneuver because they don’t require grasping or twisting to operate.

A “comfort height” toilet has a seat that is 17 to 19 inches high, which is the optimal height for ease of use.

Don’t let the appearance of grab bars stop you from considering an installation. There are a variety of different styles, colors and finishes to suit your bathroom’s design.

Consider installing counter tops that have rounded, rather than sharp, corners to reduce the potential for injury

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