Design Elsewhere in the Home


Walking throughout your home is:


Getting from your bedroom to the bathroom is:


Your area rugs are:


When rummaging through your closet:


The space inside your closet:


When someone climbs the stairs in your home, they:


The stairways in your home are lit by:


Stairways in your home:


If you have carpeted steps, the carpeting:


Your washer and dryer are:

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Eliminating thresholds from your home can make it easier to navigate from room to room.

Your bathroom should be easily accessible from your bedroom – ideally connected or just across the hall from your bedroom with a clear path.

Consider installing wall-to-wall carpet, selecting a dense, low-pile option and use thin padding for a more stable floor surface. If you don’t want to part with your area rugs, be sure to secure them with double-sided carpet tape or self-stick carpet mesh

Supplement natural light by installing additional lighting in the interior of the closet.

Make items in your closet easier to find and reach by installing adjustable shelving and rods.

Installing railings on both sides of your stairways can make it easier for everyone to go up and down.

Consider installing lighting directly overhead within your stairwells and placing your stairway light switches both at the bottom and top of the stairs for easiest access.

Consider marking the edges with textured tape or rubber treads to reduce slipping.

The carpeting on your stairs ideally should be dense and low-pile with thin padding.

Placing your washer and dryer machines on a raised platform can allow for easier access. Consider purchasing front-loading machines as well, as these models can reduce the need to bend when doing laundry.

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