Design Around the Exterior of the Home


True or False: You have at least one step-free entryway into your home:


When visitors enter your home:


The doorways in your home:


When entering your home at night, you:


True or False: When you are expecting guests in the evening, you have to remind yourself to turn on your exterior lights.


When someone knocks at your door, you:


Opening your entryway doors:


When entering your home with an armful of groceries or materials, you:


Your home’s street number is:


The walkways to your home:

Nicely done! Looks like you’re already a livable design pro!

Make sure your home has at least one entryway that is step-free.

Consider installing handrails on all steps and stairways to ensure stability when coming and going.

Having doorways that are at least 36 inches wide can allow for easier access for just about everyone – someone pushing a stroller, using a wheelchair, or delivering furniture.

Installing exterior lighting next to all entrances can make coming and going easier and safer.

Consider installing sensors which turn your lights on automatically at dusk or when they detect movement.

Installing a slide latch can allow you to speak with someone outside your door without having to open the door fully. A peephole also allows you to detect who is outside without having to open the door.

Make opening your door easier with lever-shaped handles. They’re easier to grasp than round knobs.

Placing a bench next to your doorway can allow you to place items down and free your arms up so you can easily unlock your door.

Make it easy to identify your home by making your street number visible from the road.

Home remodeled for universal design

Be sure to clear your walkway of debris and that the path is smooth and even.

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