Kitchen Design


You enter your home with an armful of groceries. To turn on your kitchen lights, you:


When you’re working in your kitchen, you:


Your kitchen flooring is durable, low glare and slip-resistant:


True or False: The light switches in your kitchen are easily accessible from both a standing and sitting position:


When accessing food in your refrigerator, you:


The base cabinets in your kitchen:


You’ve got raw chicken on your hands and desperately need to wash with soap and hot water. You have:


True or False: You love help in the kitchen, but the height of your countertops make it difficult for smaller family members to help out:


When you go to open a kitchen cabinet or drawer, you:


When closing kitchen cabinetry and drawers, you:

Nicely done! Looks like you’re already a livable design pro!

Consider installing rocker-style switches in place of standard toggle switches– they can be turned on and off easily with the back of your hand or elbow. Ideal for when you’re carrying those heavy loads or have your hands full.

Supplement natural light with lighting from multiple sources, including under-cabinet lights, track lighting and pendants that hang from the ceiling. Adding glare-free task lighting over the sink, stove and other kitchen work areas can make tasks easier.

When selecting flooring such as linoleum, vinyl, wood or ceramic tiles, choose materials that are slip-resistant, even-surfaced, low-glare and easy to maintain. Remember that creating ample floor space makes it easier to maneuver around your kitchen, so aim for leaving 3 to 4 feet around appliances and cabinets.

When installing new lighting controls, it’s important they are placed 42 inches to 48 inches above the floor so they are easy to reach for everyone.

Side-by-side, bottom-freezer or drawer model refrigerators allow for easy reaching. Consider also a wall oven which can limit the amount you need to bend while holding heavy or hot items.

Pull-out drawers in base cabinets can make it easier to access those items stored in your bottom cabinetry. Consider adjustable-height shelving and Lazy Susans in your corner cupboards as well.

Single-lever handles are the easiest kind to maneuver because they don’t require grasping or twisting to operate.

Creating countertop areas at varied heights can make it easier for people of differing heights and ages to work in the kitchen – perfect for growing kids or grandkids. Another option is to consider installing pull-out cabinetry or removable cabinet doors and shelves so you can work while seated.

D and U-shaped handles can make it easier to open your kitchen cabinetry and drawers rather than using round knobs.

Soft auto-close hardware allows doors and drawers to open and close with just a touch.

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