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Six Smart Technologies to Keep You and Your Home Safe

Allie Johnson
Do you rely on an ordinary deadbolt lock, squint through a front door peephole and struggle to remember a long passcode to unlock your phone? It may be time to explore new technologies that can make it a snap to secure your life and home.... Continue

10 Apps That Can Help You Travel Smarter

Michael Kelly
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Device

Extra Mile Staff
Have you ever typed a text message only to have your phone’s autocorrect feature garble your words? Sometimes “smartphones” can feel counterintuitive, but you can make yours work for you. Here, we share five tips to help you get the... Continue

How to Maximize Storage on Your Mobile Device

Extra Mile Staff
Have you ever tried to record a video at a family gathering or download a new app only to discover that your mobile device is fresh out of storage space? Here’s how you can clean your device of anything you don’t need to make room for... Continue