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Face it. Every facet of your life is becoming influenced more and more by technology and increased connectivity, and your health is no exception.Even so, there is no reason you can’t use this to your benefit. Here are three different devices that can help you become healthier, more active, and more resilient.

Fitness Trackers

Whether it’s a watch, a bracelet, a belt clip or a sneaker insert, there are countless devices that will help you track your physical activity throughout the day. Knowing exactly how many steps you take at work or how far you jog each morning can help you set new goals to push your fitness to the next level. Many products also have a social component so you can compare your activity to that of your friends and family, turning fitness into a healthy competition!

Sleep Trackers

Sleep allows your body to recharge and repair. Getting enough sleep can help you stay alert throughout the day, manage your stress and improve your immunity. There are many products on the market that can quantify the quality of your night’s sleep. Knowing your sleep patterns can help you make adjustments to improve your ability to achieve deep, productive sleep.

Food Intake Trackers

One of the most exciting new technologies, food trackers allow people to track the exact nutritional value of what they eat and drink each day. Smartphone apps that can identify your food using a picture or put you in close contact with a nutritionist can help you plan and control you’re eating habits in a healthy manner. Additionally, new “smart cups” can actually identify the beverage inside of them and track your caloric and sugar intake during the day to help you maintain optimal hydration levels.

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