Brain Teasers

Brain Teaser: What’s Your Number?

Allie Johnson
Nothing gets your brain's gears turning like a person or thing that goes missing — from the upper half of George Washington's false teeth to Flight 19 to the hijacker D.B. Cooper, who jumped from a plane carrying $200,000 in cash and... Continue

License Plate Quiz

Can you guess the state just from looking at its license plate? Simply select the state you think is represented by the license plate from four possible answers. Some more text to get this working.... Continue

Build a Brain Teaser Habit

Allie Johnson
You probably know that brain teasers offer a fun way to keep your mind sharp. But have you made them a regular part of your self-care... Continue

Do You Know Your U.S. Landmarks?

From the Empire State Building to the St. Louis Arch, let’s see how well you know America’s landmarks. Test your knowledge of some of the most iconic places in the great United States. Simply select the landmark you think is shown in... Continue

Brain Teaser: Oh, My Word!

Allie Johnson
Word games have always been super popular — from crossword puzzles to the Jumble. But they're really having a moment with the latest word game craze that's swept the country:... Continue

Play Now: Low Pop

Test your reflexes with our new game. Simply click or tap on the lowest number on the screen to remove it. Try to clear all of the bubbles in the quickest time you can!... Continue

Balance the Scales

Allie Johnson
Do you lose your keys, forget where you stashed your sunglasses and then make a crack about how your memory isn't what it used to be? If so, you can take steps to boost your brainpower and feel better about occasional mental... Continue