How to Not Waste Food (and Why You Should Care!)

Beth Levine
Many people think there is nothing wrong with snubbing leftovers or tossing food that’s slightly past its “sell by” date. It’s time for everyone to think again. The statistics about food waste in the U.S. can be startling: 31 to... Continue

6 Ideas for Organizing and Preserving Old Photos

Suchi Rudra
The days of developing film rolls may be long gone, and Polaroids are so old school they've become cool again. But those yellowing photo albums and shoe boxes full of old photos shoved into the back of your closet? Those aren't going... Continue

Brain Teaser: What’s Your Number?

Allie Johnson
Nothing gets your brain's gears turning like a person or thing that goes missing — from the upper half of George Washington's false teeth to Flight 19 to the hijacker D.B. Cooper, who jumped from a plane carrying $200,000 in cash and... Continue

License Plate Quiz

Can you guess the state just from looking at its license plate? Simply select the state you think is represented by the license plate from four possible answers. Some more text to get this working.... Continue

Build a Brain Teaser Habit

Allie Johnson
You probably know that brain teasers offer a fun way to keep your mind sharp. But have you made them a regular part of your self-care... Continue