Where to Start When Downsizing for a Move

Deb Hipp
Are you thinking about downsizing to a smaller home now that your kids are grown? Even if you never had children, you may still have more space than you need as you approach or enjoy retirement. But having more space and freeing up more... Continue

What to Take if You Evacuate in an Emergency

Allie Johnson
Weathering a storm, fire or other disaster starts with making an emergency evacuation plan for you and your family — including a detailed list of what to take with you. The items you take may include clothing, food, water, medication,... Continue

How to Tame That Kitchen Flame

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Meal times are the most cherished part of the day for many people, but preparing a meal also has its risks. Cooking has long been the most common cause of fires in American homes, with kitchen fires accounting for half of all home fires... Continue

Protecting the Nest From Fire Danger

The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Having extended family living under your roof — whether it’s just for a holiday or longer term — can bring the joys of reconnection, support and togetherness. But a full house is not without its challenges. There's the potential for... Continue