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Four Tips to Make Your Accountant Love You

Emily Guy Birken
It's a great idea to make yourself into a client that your accountant loves to see. You may help lower your accountant's stress levels by being a model client, and also make your own tax season easier and less... Continue

Money-Saving Time-Wasters (and What to Do Instead)

Allie Johnson
Everyone wants a full wallet, but some money-saving tips and tricks require hours of effort and frustration, while others end up costing you money. The result? Both your wallet and your patience wear thin. There are two questions that can... Continue

Protecting Yourself From Inheritance Theft

Emily Guy Birken
You might assume that your will or estate plan ensures that your money will go to your intended heirs. But inheritance theft is an insidious and underreported problem that can cost families dearly. And since inheritance thieves are usually... Continue

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Trusts

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
If you're like many Americans, trusts are probably the single most powerful tax, estate, and financial planning tool you're not taking full advantage of. That's because you might not know what a trust is, why you would want to set one... Continue