22 Most Affordable Places to Retire To in the U.S.

Deb Hipp
As you near retirement, you may be thinking about moving to a city with warmer winters, or more affordable housing to stretch your retirement income. Maybe you've dreamed of living in a scenic region, such as a coastal city or town near... Continue

Retire in Place or Relocate | Which is Right for You?

Emily Guy Birken
Have you decided to retire, but not yet figured out if you will be staying in place or making a move? While you may be perfectly happy staying where you are, there are a number of reasons why you might choose to move after hanging up your... Continue

Seven Ways to Approach Retirement Challenges

Sally Abrahms
Shortly after he retired, my friend attended a cocktail party. He had been head of a high profile company in town. A guest who knew he looked familiar but couldn't place him asked, "Didn't you used to be somebody?" He laughed when he told... Continue

Adjust to Unexpected Retirement With These 6 Tips

Sarita Harbour
While some people long for an early retirement, others get forced into leaving work before they planned to. Faced with an unexpected retirement, your vision of your carefree golden years may become tinged with fear, and self-doubt. How... Continue