Your Checklist for Closing Up Your Vacation Home

Brian Dooley, Michele Lerner
Owning a vacation home can be wonderful in your retirement. You may be a snowbird who flies south to sunnier, warmer weather in the winter. Or maybe you've bought a second home as an income property. One thing is clear: buying a home... Continue

12 Tips to Ice Out Ice This Winter

Nancy Dunham
Don't believe ice is just one of those minor annoyances you must endure. Ice can wreak major havoc on your house, your lawn and your car. Sure, you can (and should!) have ample home and auto insurance to cover the costs – but... Continue

How to Winterize Your Home

Michael Kelly
Ice dams and frozen pipes are two of the most damaging disasters that can strike your home in the winter. Ice dam removal can cost up to $800, assuming it doesn't damage your home. And the average cost of water damage from frozen pipes is... Continue