How to Handle a Roadside Breakdown

Michael Kelly and Allie Johnson
A survey by AAA discovered that four in 10 U.S. drivers are not ready to deal with typical roadside breakdowns. As you start planning upcoming travel (a road trip perhaps?) make sure to follow these tips to help prepare for... Continue

11 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Auto Mechanic

Sarita Harbour
Though many Americans depend on a safe and reliable vehicle to get around, it's also a big investment. And, while maintaining your vehicle with regular servicing and tune-ups can go a long way to extending its life, finding an auto... Continue

11 Cool Tips for a Comfortable Summer Drive

Michael Kelly
The hotter months can make your summer drive downright uncomfortable. If you leave your car parked in the sun on an 85°F day, you might return to find that the interior cabin air temperature has climbed to 130°F after only an... Continue

Pedestrian Safety Tips: On Foot & Behind the Wheel

Michael Kelly
Every morning, millions of Americans start their day by driving or walking to work, to school or to run errands. As drivers and passengers in a car, you and your family are well-protected whenever you take to the road. This is, in large... Continue

How to Boost Your Car’s Sale Value

Brian Dooley and Deb Hipp
Selling your car can be a hassle. And, let’s be honest, you’re probably worried that you’ll lose money on the sale. But the process doesn’t have to be stressful. There are a lot of options for selling a vehicle these days, from... Continue

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Ride?

Allison Kade
There are lots of reasons why you might consider selling your current car and getting a new one: maybe your financial situation has changed, or it's costing you too much to maintain an older car, or your lease has expired and you have to... Continue