15 Best Unexpected Snowbird Places

Johnna Kaplan

When most people think of the typical snowbird lifestyle, they think Florida, or maybe Phoenix or San Diego. But, increasingly, more and more retired travelers are seeking alternative snowbird places in their quest to escape the winter cold. If you'd love to spend a part of... Continue


New Car Tech Headed Our Way

Craig Thomas & Eric Vo

Many car buyers make purchasing decisions based on the technology fitted to their new ride. In fact, nearly 60 percent of millennials and 40 percent of older adults would change brands if another car manufacturer offered the technology they wanted. And an average buyer would... Continue




All of a sudden, it seems like everything that used to require a phone call, a complicated planning process, or a wait in a long line can now be done instantly with a tap on your smartphone. That's because of a recent proliferation of on-demand... Continue