July 1, 2015

Brain Teaser: Switcheroo

For each group, using the first word and its number equivalent given, determine what the number equivalent of the second word should be.

1. LIME is to 9374 as MILE is to:
(a) 7439 (b) 7943 (c) 7394 (d) 3479

2. SAIL is to 2648 as AILS is to:
(a) 6482 (b) 6284 (c) 6428 (d) 6824

3. ACME is to 7143 as MACE is to:
(a) 7431 (b) 4713 (c) 4317 (d) 4173

4. EVIL is to 5236 as VILE is to:
(a) 2635 (b) 2653 (c) 2356 (d) 2365

5. PARE is to 6528 as REAP is to:
(a) 2568 (b) 2685 (c) 2865 (d) 2856

6. NAIL is to 3981 as LAIN is to:
(a) 1893 (b) 8193 (c) 1983 (d) 1938

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BRAIN TEASER ANSWERS: 1. c; 2. a; 3. b; 4. d; 5. d; 6. c


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