A Guide to the DMV Point System

Jordan Perch
Receiving a traffic ticket is never a pleasing experience. Not only can they be costly, but they can add points to your driver’s license as well. Drivers who exceed a certain number of points face a license suspension or revocation, in... Continue

What Causes Traffic Jams?

Naomi Mannino
We’ve all been there. You’re driving along when suddenly, traffic comes to a standstill. Then, after inching along for what seems like an eternity, just as suddenly as it stopped, traffic starts to move again, the road opening up as... Continue

Why Complex Cars Cost More to Repair

Allie Johnson
Years ago, fixing a car after a collision may have meant straightening out steel and swapping out damaged parts, but the complexity of modern cars means that the repair process is now more complicated—and more... Continue

How to Teach Your Teen to Drive

Geoff Williams
Your children have turned to you for help in many things over the years. You helped them learn their ABCs, how to pet a dog and how to tie their shoes. Later, maybe you taught them how to make an omelet or what cycles to use when putting... Continue

Driving During Sporadic Summer Weather

Johnna Kaplan
When you think of dangerous driving weather, the first that probably comes to mind is snow. But winter weather shouldn’t be your only concern. Summer weather can also cause serious difficulties, challenging drivers with a variety of wild... Continue