Driving in Fog, Dust Storms, and Sandstorms

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
Driving risk takes many forms, and the loss of visibility poses a serious one. Although weather conditions are beyond a driver's control, understanding the circumstances that may lead to weather events such as fog, sand and dust storms... Continue

Everything You Need to Know About Ride Sharing

Allie Johnson
Ride sharing sounds like it would involve carpooling to work with a coworker, hitching a ride to an event with a neighbor, or getting a lift to the store from a friend. However, it's actually more like taking a... Continue

11 Cool Tips for a Comfortable Summer Drive

Michael Kelly
The hotter months can make you summer drive downright uncomfortable. If you leave your car parked in the sun on an 85°F day, you might return to find that the interior cabin air temperature has climbed to 130°F after only an... Continue

Should You Rent a Car for Your Road Trip?

Nancy Dunham
Road trips are a great way to see the sights, but do you really want to see them from your family car? For some of us, the answer is no. You might not want to up the number on your odometer and there can be bigger issues related to... Continue

Safest and Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians

Emily Guy Birken
Generally, we don't think of walking as a hazardous activity, but pedestrians are vulnerable any time foot traffic and vehicular traffic mix. Nothing underscores this point more than the fact that pedestrian fatalities are... Continue