September 22, 2015

Keep Your Pet Safe in Your Car

Who doesn’t enjoy taking their favorite companion on a drive to the park or the pet store, or even on a road trip? Of course, it goes without saying that you should never leave your pet in your car for extended periods of time – especially during the hot summer months – but, there are a few other do’s and don’ts when taking your pet for a ride that you might be unaware of.

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Car safety is an important issue to consider for every member of your family, including your pets, who tend to move around during rides and can disrupt your driving. Instead of letting your furry friend move freely in your backseat, vulnerable to sudden stops or sharp turns, take measures to prevent their injury in the event of an accident. Here are a few animal-friendly tips for worry-free car trips with your pets.

Use Pet Restraints

Even with people sitting in the backseat, keeping your pet stationary and secure during a car ride can be tricky. Consider installing pet restraints in your car to reduce the risk of injury to your pet and to stop them from distracting you as you drive. There are different types of restraints designed for the size, shape and preference of your pet. Specialty seatbelts, seat leashes and net barriers are just some of the options for maintaining your pet’s safety in the car.

Use Crash-Tested Crates

If your pet is on the smaller side, a crate is a great alternative to regular pet restraints. Opt for crates with good air circulation so that your pet can breathe easily. You can look for crates that include air bags and escape hatches for extra protection in case of an emergency.

Turn off Power Windows

How many times have you accidentally lowered your car windows by resting your arm on the door? Pets can easily open windows, inadvertently pressing their paws on the power window controls on the door. To ensure those windows stay locked, and that your pet is safe and secure within the vehicle, make sure to turn off power windows before taking them along for the ride.

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