Hiding a Spare Key

Extra Mile Staff

When trying to hide spare keys, it pays to spend a little extra time coming up with a few inventive ways to increase the security of your home. Don’t rely on the usual spots – under the doormat, on top of the door frame, around lighting fixtures, etc. These are the first places potential intruders will think to check.

Consider giving your spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend, investing in a key vault (a smaller alternative to a safe which can be attached to a wall and secured with a combination lock), or hiding it in a spot on your property where you can’t be seen retrieving it.

Alternatively, hide several keys around your property, only one of which is the real house key. No matter what method you choose, it always helps to change up the hiding spot from time to time. Of course, the most fool proof way for keeping your spare key safe is to keep it on your person.

Here’s a more creative idea for hiding your key, using a few items that might surprise you.

Remember, to keep your home safe, you need to do more than just hide your spare key. Make sure you have the right homeowners coverage to safeguard your home and belongings.

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