November 24, 2015

The Perfect Yard Sale

Combing through your attic, basement or garage to determine what should stay and what should go is a great way to get your house in order, while finding items for a yard sale. Yard sales present the perfect opportunity to clear out the old, make room for the new, and earn a little bit of extra cash. But a successful yard sale is about more than just tossing old things on the front lawn. It requires planning, organizing, and advertising. Follow these steps for a seamless yard sale:


Think ahead both legally and logistically. Some towns require licenses in order to host a yard sale, so be sure to check in with your local authorities. Also think about how you plan to display your items and what furniture you’ll need in order to showcase them. Don’t forget to have extra notes and coins on hand for change!


Make sure that there is a cohesive flow to your yard sale and that items are easy to find. We recommend putting price tags on every item to limit confusion.


What is the point of a yard sale if no one knows about it? To get the word out, make posters – large ones. All Things Thrifty recommends that you make signs 22″ by 28″ (standard poster board size). Make sure your signs clearly state all of the important information (address, date and time).

In order to find the best places to hang your signs, it helps to drive along the nearby routes to anticipate where people may need direction. (Don’t forget to take your signs down after the yard sale is over.)

To really get the message out, some even choose to advertise online through Craigslist or local media outlets.

Happy selling!

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