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There’s nothing more chilling than returning from a trip to a house that’s been broken into. But you shouldn’t be afraid to leave your home unattended. To protect your home, start by following these tips:

1. Lock-Up 101

Many of us have a natural habit of locking the door on our way out. But when you’re in a frenzy trying to remember all of the things you need on your trip, like making sure your car is in tip-top shape for a long drive or having your passports handy if you’re traveling abroad, remembering to lock your door might slip your mind. Don’t let it! Even if you have to set a cellphone reminder, make it a priority to double check that all possible entry points are locked, including your windows.

Have a home security system? Great! Just don’t forget to set it. And if you happen to have an in-home safe, put your most valuable items in there. That way, if a break-in does occur, you can keep any potential loss to a minimum. Talk to your home insurance provider about your best options for safeguarding your home and your belongings.

2. Phone a Friend

It never hurts to let a close relative or a trusted friend or neighbor know that you’re heading out of town, if only to have them collect your mail every couple of days. Letting someone in the area know you’ll be away doesn’t mean giving them a laundry list of responsibilities for your home, but should anything suspicious happen while you’re out, someone nearby may notice.

Also, having someone pick up your mail is a good way to indicate to potential thieves that the house isn’t empty.

3. As You Were

Any noticeable changes in your home or its surrounding area may tip off potential intruders to vacancy. Closing all of your curtains for example may draw attention to the fact that no one is home, so try leaving a few curtains open without any visible valuables on display.

Your home shouldn’t be something you’re worrying about when you’re out of town at a wedding or on vacation. Start by sticking to these basics for peace of mind when you’re gone.

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