From rice to tights, here’s how some common household items can help save the day.


Use Rice to Clean Oddly-Shaped Bottles

Rice is good for more than just eating. Mix dry rice with some dishwashing soap and you’ve got a quick solution for even your most difficult-to-clean bottles.


Save Your Wet Phone With a Salad Spinner

Suffering from a cell phone disaster? Grab some silica crystals, a salad spinner and a paper towel to save your investment.


Hide Money in a Lip Balm Tube

Keep money hidden and safe. In a few, simple steps, learn how to conceal your extra cash in a lip balm tube.


Chill Warm Drinks Fast Using Paper Towels

Keep your favorite beverages cool and ready to drink with this super quick and easy trick. All you need is a damp paper towel and 15 minutes in the freezer.


Hide Power Cords With a Freezer Basket

Use a spare freezer basket to neatly conceal and store all your power cords under a desk or table. This keeps them out of sight and out of mind.


Use Old Tights to Find a Lost Earring

That earring is not gone forever! See how you can find lost items around the home by using a vacuum, tights and a rubber band.


Turn a Sponge Into An Ice Pack

Need an icepack but don’t have any in your home? No problem. You can make your own with a sponge and plastic bag.

Will you try any of these hacks? What other uncommon uses do you have for everyday home items?