A good book can teach you something new, take you on an adventure or help you relax. But did you know reading is also good for your brain?

Both reading and brain teasers can help keep your mind sharp. In this brain teaser, we mix the two pastimes to give you the best of both worlds. Using a few letters from the authors’ first and last names as clues, you’ll have to come up with the full names of six famous authors.

Hint: Regular readers will solve this puzzle more quickly since the time spent at bookstores, the library — or even listening to audiobooks — keeps author names top of mind.

But do reading and brain teasers really have that much in common? One study found that regularly doing an “intellectual activity” — including reading books, magazines, newspapers or playing games — reduced the risk of dementia in older adults.

Reading also has a slew of other benefits that may improve the health of your body and mind. For example, reading may:

And the University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study has even found that the habit of reading may be associated with living longer.

The bonus? Reading is just plain fun, whether you solve a mystery by Agatha Christie, dive into a deep sea adventure by Robin Cook or get swept away in the passion of a Judith Krantz romance novel. And sorry, you won’t find the names of those famous authors in our brain teaser’s answers list — we’re not going to make it that easy to solve.

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Each item contains six letters from the names of best-selling authors. The first three letters are part of the first name and the second three letters are part of the last name, in order. Can you figure out who they are?  Answers are below the brain teaser.

  1. OHN   RIS
  2. EPH   KIN
  3. NOR   BER
  4. NNE   RIC
  5. MES   PAT
  6. ANI   STE

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Are you an avid reader who also loves games and puzzles? Please comment and let us know how you did on our Best Selling Authors brain teaser — and tell us the name of your favorite author or the best book you’ve read lately.

Answers: 1. John Grisham 2. Stephen King 3. Nora Roberts 4. Anne Rice 5. James Patterson 6. Danielle Steel