Are you a geography buff or traveler? If so, you may enjoy taking a journey from the comfort of your home with this brain teaser about U.S. states. Research shows that just thinking about a trip — as you will when you try your hand at this word puzzle — can give you a mental health and mood boost.

You may get a double benefit since both brain teasers and travel can help you to stay mentally sharp. Travel also has benefits for your cognitive and physical health, according to “Destination Healthy Aging: the Physical, Cognitive and Social Benefits of Travel,” a report from the Global Coalition on Aging. In fact, travel can positively impact your health by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing overall happiness
  • Giving you opportunities to exercise
  • Offering mental stimulation

“Mental activity and cognitive stimulation, which can be achieved through various activities associated with travel, have been linked to brain health,” the report states. On just one trip, you may learn your way around a new city, navigate from point A to point B, meet new people, solve a logistics problem and visit a museum.

So why not mentally pack your bags for a trip across America the Beautiful? From the Statue of Liberty in the east to the rolling fields of wheat in the heartland to the Grand Canyon out west, the country is full of amazing sights.

Take this virtual journey with “Coded States,” a brain teaser that lists the names of eight U.S. states in code. To solve the puzzle, you have to crack the code and discover the name of each state.

Coded States Puzzle Brain Teaser
Scroll down to find the answers.
United States Map
Coded States Answer

How’d you do? Did you solve the puzzle and find the state names? Have you taken trips to any of these states — or do you have a trip planned? Please drop a comment below to share your favorite travel memories or plans.

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