Did you know adding brain teasers to an active and healthy lifestyle can give your brain power an added boost?

In fact, combining brain games with exercise and other mental stimulation — such as conversing with friends, going to a museum or taking a class — can help build up your cognitive reserves, according to Harvard Health.

The best — and most fun — puzzles challenge your brain in multiple ways. Our Switcheroo brain teaser gives you a word and a number, then switches up the letters in the word to form a new word. You’ll then be given four numbers to choose from. Your goal is to find the number that matches the new word by following the pattern set from the first word and number combination. The best — and most fun — puzzles challenge your brain in multiple ways.

Games like Switcheroo may help minimize those frustrating moments where you’ve got a word “on the tip of your tongue” but can’t quite spit it out. That’s because word games help you exercise the part of the brain that deals with language and make mental connections between words. And number games help your brain by improving your information processing and reasoning skills.

Give it a Shot

After you try your hand at Switcheroo, scroll to the bottom of the page for the correct answers.

Switcheroo Puzzle

Did you give this brain game a go? Please leave a comment to let us know how you did, whether you’re more of a words or numbers person, and which mental skills you’re trying to boost.

Switcheroo Answers