You probably know that brain teasers offer a fun way to keep your mind sharp. But have you made them a regular part of your self-care routine?

Some experts recommend adding brain teasers to your daily schedule, along with other wellness activities like

  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Spending time outdoors

If you want to make brain teasers a regular part of your life, you can begin by tackling these two: In the Balance, a logic game, and On Target, a word puzzle.

These games will get you off to a good start, but getting into the habit of doing brain teasers daily may take some effort, just like building any other new habit. Try these habit-building tips:


Choose the Types of Puzzles You Like Best

One of the best ways to form a new habit is to make it attractive. So, are you a crossword puzzle fan, a logic game devotee or a math whiz? Finding puzzles you really enjoy doing will ensure that you look forward to your daily game.


Start Small

One good way to add a new habit to your life is to start with bite-sized chunks you can easily fit into your schedule. For example, you might begin with one puzzle or five minutes of working on a crossword each day. Build up slowly from there to painlessly form a new habit.


Tie Your Daily Puzzle to an Existing Habit

You’re more likely to adhere to your new habit if you pair it with something you already do without thinking. For example, are you a coffee drinker? You may want to do a brain teaser while sipping your morning cup of java.


Replace a Less Healthy Habit With Fun Puzzles

Are you trying to cut down on the time you spend online or eat fewer sweets? Consider swapping in puzzles for your old habit. Puzzles are enjoyable, so they may offer a good way to get your mind off an old habit that no longer serves you.


Use an App to Track Your New Brain Teaser Habit

Apps like Habitica, Habitshare and StickK can be a great way to track a new habit and stick to your goals. Here’s a list of the best habit apps for 2022. The app you choose may also help you develop other good wellness habits too.

There’s no time like the present, so consider getting started on your new habit right now with In the Balance and On Target. In the Balance requires you to mentally “weigh” scales containing different shapes and thus figure out how many triangles would balance out the final scale. On Target requires you to find the correct two letters to enter into the center of the targets to form three six-letter words across each one.

Can You Find the Missing Letters?

In the On Target brain teaser, your goal is to think of two letters that, when placed in the center of the circle, create three different words across the white columns. Each word will have six letters total.

On Target 1

Think you’ve figured out which letters fit? Click here to check your answers.

Can You Balance the Scales?

For this puzzle, you’ll find three perfectly balanced scales with different shapes on each side. A fourth scale has shapes only on the left side. You need to study the three balanced scales to figure out how many shapes are needed to balance out the last one.

In the Balance Brain Teaser

Got an answer in mind? Click here to see if you’re right.

Do you plan to start doing brain teasers regularly? Let us know how you plan to form this new habit and how it’s going.