Are you a fan of game shows? If so, you know how much fun it can be to play along at home, shouting out the answers and dreaming of winning the big prize.

There’s a reason shows like “Jeopardy,” “Password” and “Wheel of Fortune” have such enduring popularity. Not only are games fun, they allow you to sharpen your mental skills while sitting on the couch.

If you enjoy fun challenges like game shows, you might want to add a brain teaser to your regular routine. Along with activities like exercise, meditation and learning a new language or musical instrument, brain games may help improve neuroplasticity.

The word “neuroplasticity” may sound like a high-dollar category on “Jeopardy,” but it’s simply a term that refers to the brain’s ability to adapt, change and grow in response to life experiences. Neuroplasticity involves changes in the brain that are:

  • Chemical: These changes happen right away and can spark short-term memory and motor skills.
  • Structural: These changes happen over time as the neurons in your brain make new connections.
  • Functional: These changes happen when your brain develops new networks in response to new activities you repeat regularly, like “grooves” that get deeper over time.

Want to add word games to your daily schedule to have fun, challenge yourself and help increase your neuroplasticity? Start out with our Bull’s Eye Letter brain teaser.

Let’s Play

In this brain teaser, you can be a star contestant by coming up with the one correct letter. You’ll need this answer to make sense of all the jumbles of letters in each part of the target. When you come up with the correct letter, add it to each group of letters and rearrange each one to form a common word. Hint: the answer is just one letter.

You won’t win fame, money or a five-day tropical vacation, but you may attain an even bigger prize: brainpower.

Bull's Eye Brain Teaser

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Did  You Solve the Brain Teaser

How’d you do? Did you figure out the letter and make the correct words? Let us know in the comments.