If you love trivia and the United States of America, your mind probably contains a random assortment of odd, interesting and useful (or useless) information about the 50 U.S. states, from Alabama to Wyoming.

You may be able to impress your friends at trivia night by spitting out fun facts about the states and answering questions like:

  • What is the southernmost northern state?
  • Which state is home to an active diamond mine?
  • In which state is it illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork?
  • What state is known as the “Crossroads of America”?
  • Which U.S. state is flatter than a pancake?
  • Which state has the longest coastline?

If you can rattle off the answers to these questions or at least make an educated guess, here’s some good news: Learning trivia offers mental wellness benefits and may help keep your brain sharp. Getting a fact right or winning a trivia game can even give you a dopamine burst—a rush of happiness with no downsides.

That’s also true of brain teasers, which provide many cognitive and mental health benefits. Research shows brain teaser games improve attention and reduce stress. Brain games may also build new connections in your brain, improve your memory and even lead to mental gains that can help you with everyday tasks.

So why not combine these two beloved pastimes and try to solve our brain teaser, “Coded States”? In this puzzle, we’ve made a list of the names of eight U.S. states, replacing each consonant with an X and each vowel with an O. It’s up to you to study the list of states to figure out which coded line corresponds with which state.

If you can rattle off the names of the 50 states in alphabetical order faster than your grandkid, you should have no problem solving this puzzle.

coded states

Were you able to solve it? Click here to double check your answer.

Did you try the “Coded States” brain teaser? Drop a comment and let us know how you did and whether you’re also a trivia buff. Feel free to share your favorite fun or wacky fact about a U.S. state.