Crossword puzzles, brain teasers and word scrambles offer a fun, easy and quick way to exercise your brain. Research has found that computer brain games may even sharpen your memory.

Brain games can improve certain mental skills such as decision making, processing speed, reaction time and short-term memory, according to Harvard Medical School. These skills naturally decline with age, so it’s smart to regularly do activities to keep them sharp.

One fun type of brain teaser that can help keep your brain in shape: a two-of-a-kind matching game. In this exercise, you look at a group of similar images and pick out the two that are exactly alike. This type of brain exercise may sharpen your visual perception, which is your brain’s ability to process information from your eyes. Visual perception is important for any activity that requires brain-eye coordination, from cooking to driving to working on the computer.

You’ll find the answer underneath the puzzle. Good luck!

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Answer: Match is 3 and 4.