Do you hate being kept in the dark? An unsolved mystery can haunt you, rattling around in your brain like a ghost.

We may never get answers to some of history’s biggest mysteries, such as the truth about the Bermuda triangle, the location of Cleopatra’s tomb or the identity of Jack the Ripper.

But we have an enigma you can solve in minutes, and it may even help to keep your brain sharp. Brain teasers like this one may boost your language ability, memory and problem solving skills.

If you’d like to play detective, this mystery number brain teaser will require you to use both logic and math skills. Using only the numbers on the page as clues, you’ll have to decipher the identity of the final missing number.

Math games like this one may help keep your brain strong and flexible through development of new neural connections. Number games also may make you quicker at everyday calculations, from figuring out how many bags of Halloween candy to buy to making sure you get the right amount of change back at the store.

Check out the bottom of the page for the correct answer.

magnifying glass

Answer: 17 | The middle number equals the top number times the bottom number plus the left number times the right number.

Did you solve the mystery number puzzle? If so, comment to clue us in on how you did, how long it took and your favorite unsolved mystery!