Do you love word puzzles and cracking codes? How about geography or traveling? If you answered yes to any, or all, of the above, then you may also enjoy our newest Coded States brain teaser.

Experts across the globe are researching effective strategies to protect aging brains from memory loss and dementia. “Brain training,” or puzzles and games designed to improve cognitive skills, has been identified as one potential solution.

So put your code-cracking skills to the test, keep your brain sharp and get inspired for your next getaway with our new Coded States brain teaser.

Below, the names of eight U.S. states are listed in a secret code. Can you solve the puzzle and discover the name of each state? Good luck!

Coded States brain teaser

Scroll down to find the answers.

United States of America
Coded States brain teaser answer

Did you crack the code? Where are you going on your next trip, or where did you just get home from? Keep the conversation going in the comments!