Technology to Make Your Free Time More Rewarding

Allison Kade
Sometimes, it seems like everyone has become so involved with their devices that they are cut off from the reality. But technology doesn't have to detain you behind a computer, tablet or phone screen. Used well, tech can actually help you... Continue

10 Tips to Taking Great Photos with Your Smartphone

Michael Kelly
A great moment photographed will always make for a great photograph. It doesn't matter what the image resolution, composition or lighting is like. Birthday parties, graduations and spontaneous silliness are moments we want to capture... Continue

How to Cyberproof Your Smartphone

Nancy Mann Jackson and Sarita Harbour
You may call it a “phone," but that smart device in your pocket is actually a tiny computer. And that means it's subject to the same security threats as your desktop or laptop. Any device that connects to the internet is open to... Continue

Are Money Apps on Your Smartphone Safe?

Emily Guy Birken
There are hundreds of smartphone money apps out there for saving money, account-monitoring, and banking for both Apple and Android. They promise everything from helping you save money without thinking about it to allowing you to handle... Continue

Phishing Scams and How to Avoid Them

Sarita Harbour
There are new criminals in town, and they may be as close as your laptop or smartphone. These digital fraudsters are experts in what's known as phishing—a practice by which internet fraudsters impersonate businesses to try to trick... Continue

What Is the Internet of Things?

Allison Kade
Whether or not you realize it, you've probably used the Internet of Things (IoT) in a number of different ways. Put simply, the IoT refers to the connecting of any device to the internet (or to other devices). This means that everyday... Continue

What You Need to Know About Identity Theft and Fraud

Alexandra Macqueen, CFP
As a responsible adult, you lock your doors at night, change the batteries in your smoke alarm twice a year, and inspect your roof each summer—all to help ensure the safety and security of your physical environment. But have you... Continue

Decluttering Your Digital Life

Geoff Williams
Many people have embraced the online world, and everything else that has come with it, from smartphones to social media, because it has made our lives faster and... Continue