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4 Ways to Declutter Your Devices

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With all of the gadgets and gizmos we use on a daily basis, cleaning should go beyond your home to include your tech. Your computer, smartphone and other devices are likely a big part of your routine, and keeping them clean and secure will only help to increase their functionality. These tips will help you organize and protect your digital information.

Delete Unused Apps

Have a few apps on your phone that you never use? Get rid of them! They’re taking up space and cluttering your phone. The best part is that you can download them again from your phone’s app store if you change your mind.

Change Your Passwords

Did you know you should change your online passwords about every three months? It’s true! Use unique phrases with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols for every application or website that requires a login.

Organize Desktop and File Folders

It’s easy to save files to your desktop, but after a while, finding them becomes a bit of a challenge. For you PC users out there, right-click on your desktop to create new folders to help organize your desktop files by topic. Not only will you have more room on your desktop for new files, but it will be easier to find the old ones, too.

Sync Your Smartphone

This one’s simple. Using the USB cable that was likely included in your phone’s original box, connect your phone to your computer and follow the prompts to “sync.” This will save all of the information on your phone to your computer, including photos, music, contact information and calendar events. This is a great backup in case you somehow damage your phone. And moving some photos to your computer and deleting them from your phone will free space to take even more photos.

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