Brain Teaser: Best-Selling Authors

Extra Mile Staff

Each item contains six letters from the names of best-selling authors. The first three letters are part of the first name and the last three are part of the last name, in order. Can you figure out who they are?

  1. OHN   RIS
  2. EPH   KIN
  3. NOR   BER
  4. NNE   RIC
  5. MES   PAT
  6. ANI   STE

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1. John Grisham 2. Stephen King 3. Nora Roberts 4. Anne Rice 5. James Patterson 6. Danielle Steel

One Response to "Brain Teaser: Best-Selling Authors"

  • Richard Daley | January 18, 2018 at 8:13 am

    A little brain teaser once in a while to keep you sharp and on your toes

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