Home Insurance

How Insurers Build Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

Sharon Brezner
Your home: It means so much more to you than just four walls and a roof. It’s a place of comfort and security, family and friends. And it’s likely one of your greatest financial assets. So it’s important to protect those four... Continue

How to Insure Your Vacation Home

Allie Johnson
If you've bought a beachy cottage by the sea, a cozy cabin in the woods or a chic loft in your favorite city, make insuring your second home a number one priority. You'll need to select the right types of coverage, which may be more... Continue

Traveling? Are You Covered by Insurance?

Allison Kade
On my trip of a lifetime to Ethiopia and Kenya, I relished the fascinating historical sites, the unbelievable natural formations and the quintessential safari experience. But one thing I enjoyed just as much was knowing that my... Continue

Can You Afford to Replace Your Home?

Loretta Waldman
If you woke up tomorrow and learned a major storm was barreling your way, would you be ready? Not “grab the flashlight and emergency preparedness kit” kind of ready, though that’s certainly important. We’re talking about being... Continue