Staying Safe When Lightning Strikes

Allie Johnson
In a flash, lightning can hurt you, damage your property and possessions or set your home on fire. But there's a silver lining: a little knowledge and planning can help keep you safe during a storm. Each year, about 100,000 thunderstorms... Continue

What to Do When a Tornado Strikes Your Community

Kelly Spors
Tornadoes are among the most common, and unpredictable, severe weather events. Unlike hurricanes or blizzards, which meteorologists can often forecast days in advance, tornadoes typically develop spontaneously from severe thunderstorms and... Continue

How to Keep Your Home Safe in Strong Winds

Michael Kelly
Strong winds are one of the most destructive forces in nature, capable of destroying hundreds of miles of property with violent gusts that can exceed 100 mph. But it’s not just 100-mph winds or hurricane-like conditions that can cause... Continue

6 Ways to Help Minimize Flood Damage to Your Home

Kelly Spors
Flooding causes billions of dollars in damage to U.S. homes every year. And floods can strike in many ways—from flash floods to hurricane storm surges to broken levees to snowmelt. In fact, “floods are the most common and... Continue

Are Flooding Risks on the Rise?

Kelly Spors
Flooding is one of the most common and costly natural disasters—resulting in billions of dollars in cleanup costs each year. In many parts of the United States, the risks of flood-related damage appear to be rising. According to the... Continue

Home Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Eric Vo
Your home is somewhere you expect to feel safe. Yet more injuries and deaths from fire occur in the home than in any other place. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration reported deaths from residential fires increased in 2018. Aging... Continue

6 Tips to Prevent Dorm Room Fires

Kelly Spors
Do you have a child or grandchild in college? It’s certainly one of the most memorable times of their lives, and one that brings new challenges. Dorm life, especially, can be a challenge, as it involves cohabitating alongside hundreds of... Continue