When Wildfires Strike, Floods Can Follow

Emmet Pierce
If you live in a community that is prone to wildfires, it's important to know that devastating flooding and mudflows often follow wildland blazes. After a wildfire, the charred ground it leaves is far less able to absorb water. This... Continue

What to Do Immediately After a Winter Storm

Alaina Tweddale
Old Man Winter has a nasty habit of blowing into town when we least expect him, which means we may not always be able to prepare for a storm before it strikes. But even after the snow has stopped falling, there are still steps you can... Continue

What to Do Immediately After a Wildfire

Naomi Mannino
If you live in an area prone to wildfires, it’s essential that you know how to keep your family members and your property safe, even after a wildfire has affected your home or your neighborhood. Learn more at The Hartford’s... Continue

What to Do Immediately After an Earthquake

Sarita Harbour
Most people are familiar with earthquakes. There's rarely any warning that one is about to occur, and then suddenly, the earth begins to roll or shake due to movement beneath its surface. Even if you’re familiar with what an earthquake... Continue

What to Do Immediately After a Tornado

Nancy Mann Jackson
If you live in an area that is prone to tornadoes, you are likely familiar with the preparations necessary to ready yourself for a tornado and the safeguards to follow during a storm. But if your home or community is damaged by a tornado,... Continue

What to Do Immediately After a Hurricane

Michele Lerner
After the blustering winds dwindle and the rain torrents turn into trickles, your first reaction will likely be a sigh of relief that the hurricane has passed. Hopefully, you were well-prepared for the storm, but remember that life won't... Continue