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Prepping for Severe Weather

Michael Kelly

Severe weather can range from storms that ruin weekend BBQs to hurricanes that destroy towns. It’s important for you to have as much information as possible to prepare for whatever might come your way. Whether you want to know more about prepping for a power outage, making it through a storm or what to do if you’re driving, we have some of the best information available. These articles will help you prepare your home, car and property for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you.


Earthquakes: What You Need to Know & How to Prepare


Are Flooding Risks on the Rise?

6 Ways to Help Minimize Flood Damage to Your Home


Hail, Fog & Dust Storms

How to Prepare and Protect Your Home for Summer Weather 
Driving During Sporadic Summer Weather

How to Protect Your Home and Car From Hail Damage


Hot Tips for Staying Safe in the Sun
4 Car Tips to Beat the Heat


Staying Safe When Lightning Strikes

Snow & Ice

10 Winter Driving Tips
15 Driving Tips for a Happy-Holiday Ride

12 Tips to Ice Out Ice This Winter

Strong Winds

How to Keep Your Home Safe in Strong Winds
How to Stay Safe During a Hurricane
What to Do When a Tornado Strikes Your Community

What to Do When a Tornado Strikes Your Community


How to Protect Your Family and Home from a Wildfire

How to Protect Yourself During a Drought

General Prep

9 Apps to Help You Stay Safe in an Emergency
How to Protect Your Pets in a Weather Emergency

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