You know it’s good to move your body and eat well to stay healthy, but are you aware it’s also smart to exercise your brain? Brain games have many benefits, such as keeping your language skills strong.

As you age, you amass a bigger vocabulary but also may make a few more spelling mistakes or struggle to remember words more, one study found. Scientists have even given that vexing issue a name: a “tip-of-tongue experience.”

Games such as crossword puzzles, letter jumbles and word searches rev up the parts of the brain that handle language. That may help to keep your communication sharp in daily life, from remembering how to spell the name of your favorite Italian dish in a recipe to nailing the punch line of a joke.

In the Bull’s-Eye Letter brain teaser, you need to zero in on the one letter you can add to all six groups of letters below to turn them into words.

Answers- The Bull’s-Eye Letter is I: bike, main, lied (or idle), wait, taxi, bill.

Did you give the bullseye brain teaser a shot? Please comment to let us know if you hit the mark. And if you’re a fan of word games, please share the names of some of your favorites.

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