Have you noticed that some of your family and friends treat talking on the phone like it’s some sort of hassle? It’s not just them. More and more people are using non-auditory methods of communication like email, text and social media to stay in touch. Businesses are on board with this trend and offering apps that expedite services to make customers’ lives easier and more convenient.

Here’s a list of seven apps that can help you revolutionize your life with the tap of a few buttons.



This app eliminates at least one excuse for not making an appointment to see a doctor. With ZocDoc, users can schedule appointments with doctors and dentists in over 2,000 U.S. cities, searching by specialty, hospital affiliation or insurance plan.



Sick of going to the grocery store? The Instacart app lets you shop online and schedule a delivery. You can chat (via text inside the app) with your shopper and add substitutions for hard-to-find items. Instacart is available in metro areas in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and all Canadian provinces except Quebec.



GrubHub put the take-out menus of over 40,000 local restaurants across America at users’ fingertips, and you don’t have to dial any numbers to place an order.



This roadside assistance app uses GPS technology to find the closest available help when your car breaks down. Users pay a flat rate per service, not a membership fee, and providers are located across the U.S.



There’s no need to speak to a dispatcher (or hail a cab) with Uber, which pairs drivers and riders in over 50 countries. The app provides fare estimates and maps your route, and drivers accept requested rides before they learn the rider’s destination.



This app lets you search and book appointments at thousands of beauty salons and spas on three continents. You can browse staff bios and reviews. You can also collect points to redeem for future services.



A new spin on traditional wash and fold, Rinse lets residents of major U.S. cities send out laundry seven days a week. They have subscription and pay-as-you-go options.

You can’t avoid talking on the phone entirely, at least not yet. Some situations, both personal and professional, still require an old-fashioned telephone call. But new apps are being designed every day. Perhaps soon, cheesy hold music and irritating dropped calls will be relics of the past, and everyone will be able to focus their attention on the phone calls that really matter to the people they care most about.

What apps do you use to save time and get things done more easily? Let other readers know in the comments.