Your Guide to On-Demand Services

Johnna Kaplan

All of a sudden, it seems like everything that used to require a phone call, a complicated planning process, or a wait in a long line can now be done instantly with a tap on your smartphone. That's because of a recent proliferation of on-demand services - that is, applications that... Continue



A Step-by-Step Guide to Storing Your Car for the Winter

Allie Johnson

Whether you are traveling to a warmer climate for the winter or you own a convertible or classic car that you don't drive in the cold, snow, and ice, proper storage can prevent an array of problems, some of which cost hundreds of dollars to fix. For example, a storage mistake... Continue


Grandparent’s Role With Grandchildren

Kathy Simpson

Grandparenting can be a major source of fulfillment for you and your grandchild. But it doesn't come with a job description, and like many grandparents, you may find yourself uncertain of your role within the family. Just as every family is different, so is the role of every... Continue


Have you ever ordered Apple's Siri around ("play Bruce Springsteen's Badlands," "find the nearest Starbucks") or asked Amazon's Alexa to give you the latest news? What about commanding Microsoft's Cortana to speak up and tell you the weather next... Continue