The 30-Day Declutter Challenge

Johnna Kaplan

It has perhaps never been easier to accumulate clutter. Even if you're not trying to acquire new possessions, you can suddenly find your home filled with items you don't need. Fortunately, it's also pretty easy to get rid of all that extra stuff; all it takes is a little dedication and a... Continue


9 Ways to Minimize Holiday Fire Risks

Johnna Kaplan

The winter holidays are beloved for the warmth and light they bring to a cold, dark season. But this wondrous time of year isn’t free from danger. According to the American Red Cross, almost 47,000 fires occur during the winter holidays, taking over 500 lives, injuring... Continue


The 20 Best National Parks to Visit

Johnna Kaplan

America's national parks are beloved by travelers from all over the world; in 2017, they welcomed 330,882,751 visitors. The 59 national parks (plus hundreds of national historic sites, national monuments, national recreation areas, and parkways) overseen by the National Park... Continue



Have you ever ordered Apple's Siri around ("play Bruce Springsteen's Badlands," "find the nearest Starbucks") or asked Amazon's Alexa to give you the latest news? What about commanding Microsoft's Cortana to speak up and tell you the weather next... Continue


All of a sudden, it seems like everything that used to require a phone call, a complicated planning process, or a wait in a long line can now be done instantly with a tap on your smartphone. That's because of a recent proliferation of on-demand... Continue