Seniors Experience the Positive Affects of Creative Aging

Sally Abrahms

When Samir Saad, 67, retired from his early education job at Head Start two years ago, he felt isolated and unfulfilled. Last year, a friend told him about Stagebridge, an Oakland, CA, non-profit that offers 30 creative arts classes to adults age 55+. Courses range from play writing... Continue



How Distracted Driving Can Increase Your Premium

Emily Guy Birken

Most drivers are aware of the dangers of driving while distracted. However, something that many drivers do not realize is that in addition to the legal ramifications, these distractions can affect the premiums you pay for your auto insurance. While any number of things can... Continue


A New Approach to Caregiving for Dementia Family Members

Sally Abrahms

The prevalence of dementia is undisputed—5.4 million alone in the U.S.—and those numbers are about to swell. Remember, the oldest of the 83.1 million boomers turns 72 this year. The result will be countless Alzheimer's and other dementia caregivers. While unintended, many... Continue


Social media may have caught fire with high school and college age kids, but more and more it’s becoming a place for adults, parents and grandparents as well. Today, over 50% of adults age 50-64 use social media. Ten years ago that number was... Continue


If you consider yourself a “left-brain" or a “right-brain" person, have experienced a “senior moment," you may have been influenced by often-repeated myths about the human brain. Neurological researchers have expanded their understanding of... Continue