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Everything You Need To Know About Your Home’s Roof

Michele Lerner

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is to wait until they see a leak inside their home before checking out their roof. After all, why look for trouble, right? Unfortunately, avoiding trouble in this manner could cost you a lot more money in the long run. Roof... Continue


State of Driving: Wisconsin

Emily Guy Birken

Friendliness in Wisconsin is something you can count on, even when you are driving. The convivial residents of America's Dairy Land will not only heartily welcome you to any festival, gathering, or party with open arms and a selection of beer and cheese, but they will also treat... Continue


Protecting Yourself From Inheritance Theft

Emily Guy Birken

There is something about a death in the family that can bring out the worst in people. It's not uncommon for family resentments to boil over in the wake of grief, which often leads to hurt feelings and arguments after the death of a loved one. However, greed is an even uglier... Continue


You may call it a “phone," but that smart device in your pocket is actually a tiny computer. And that means it's subject to the same security threats as your desktop or laptop. Any device that connects to the Internet is open to hackers, viruses... Continue


Having to squint to read small print is considered a normal progression of our eyesight through middle age, and beyond, as our eyes undergo changes. There are, however, a number diseases and conditions that can affect our vision as we age.... Continue