How Much Do I Tip a Mover?

Johnna Kaplan

The first time you cram your car with cardboard boxes and spend the day lugging everything you own up five flights of stairs, it's sort of fun. But after you've moved yourself a few times, you start to think about how nice it might be to have someone else do it for you. If... Continue


How to Decide Which Body Shop to Use After a Car Accident

Nancy Mann Jackson

Getting into a car accident is a scary experience — and the moments after the accident are stressful. If your vehicle is damaged, you'll need to file an insurance claim, but then what? You may assume you're in for further headaches as you choose a repair shop and work to... Continue


Returning to School…At Fifty (and Older): Here’s How

Alexandra Macqueen

Throughout their lives, the baby boomer generation (born 1946–1964) has forged new pathways by rewriting societal rules. Now, boomers are reshaping college life, too, as a growing number of people age 50 and up are returning to school. According to the National Center for... Continue


Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

Eric Rosenberg, Michael Kelly, Amanda Creasey

One of the highlights of your retirement years is the newfound flexibility in your schedule. For the first time since beginning your career, you have the ability to travel without the worry of dwindling vacation time or the stress of timing your... Continue


What if a life-alert button added GPS then morphed into a fashion accessory? Well, it's happened! They're known as “wearables”; discrete yet decorative, these accessories and apparels have found the perfect balance between health and high-end... Continue

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