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How to Handle a Roadside Breakdown

Michael Kelly

In 2014, AAA responded to more than 17 million roadside assistance calls. The majority of these calls were for vehicle breakdown. Given the frequency of breakdowns, it helps to prepare for and know how to handle one. How to Prepare an Emergency Car Care Kit Put together a kit... Continue


Coping With Your Condo

Nancy Mann Jackson

Condominiums can offer the benefits of home ownership without many of the headaches associated with owning a house. You'll never have to worry about exterior maintenance like yard work, driveway repairs or cleaning gutters. However, condo ownership can come with its own set of... Continue


Vehicle Maintenance: How to Stay Safe and Save Money

Michael Kelly

It's estimated that vehicle malfunctions cause 50,000 automobile accidents per year. These malfunctions include tire wear-and-tear, brake failure and faulty engines, steering, and transmissions. But routine vehicle maintenance and inspections can help keep you and others safe.... Continue


Money-Saving Time-Wasters (and What to Do Instead)

Allie Johnson

Everyone wants a full wallet, but some money-saving tips and tricks require hours of effort and frustration, while others end up costing you money. The result? Both your wallet and your patience wear thin. There are two questions that can help you determine whether a... Continue


Whether you're traveling for work or heading to a dream vacation, the journey can sometimes be a hassle. From flight delays and crowded security checkpoints, to sunburns and foreign currency exchanges, there's a lot to manage. Make the trip... Continue


Having to squint to read small print is considered a normal progression of our eyesight through middle age, and beyond, as our eyes undergo changes. There are, however, a number diseases and conditions that can affect our vision as we age.... Continue