One Weekend to Cleaner Closets

Ashley Eneriz

Our closets are often neglected because it's easier to just throw things in them and close the door. While house guests might never see our closets, they are a hidden source of stress and wasted time. A Huffington Post survey revealed that 47% of those surveyed said that home... Continue


How Self-Driving Cars Could Revolutionize Retirement

Emily Guy Birken

For many years, driverless cars were the stuff of science fiction — an intriguing thought exercise, but nothing we ever expected to see in the real world. That is all changing now, and quickly. Self-driving vehicles are in the testing phase in at least 10 locations around... Continue


Surprise Retiree? 5 Ways to Survive and Thrive

Sarita Harbour

While some people long for an early retirement, others get forced into leaving work before they planned to. When you're faced with an unexpected retirement, your previous vision of your carefree golden years may become tinged with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. How will you... Continue


Even if you own the latest and greatest iPhone or Android, you may notice some performance glitches. It's common for smartphones to get bogged down with unnecessary apps, storage space issues, and cluttered browser windows that reduce performance.... Continue


The golden years of our lives are not called golden for nothing, and while Robert Frost warns us that “nothing gold can stay," studies have shown that we can, in fact, take certain steps to lengthen the duration of our golden years and keep our... Continue