Classic Rock Songs to Amp Up your Next Drive

Johnna Kaplan

Remember the freedom you felt when you first learned to drive, or first got your own car? When you turned the radio on, or put in a cassette or CD, and turned it up? Whether you were cruising around town or setting out on a road trip for the first time, there's just something about these... Continue


Finding Love Later in Life

Michelle Seitzer

Everyone wants to feel love, and that desire doesn't change as you age. However, as your needs and preferences evolve over time - and as life experiences shape you for better and for worse - finding love later in life may look different than the first time... Continue


10 Budget-Friendly Summer Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home

Deb Hipp

Now that winter is a distant memory, you're probably spending more time outside enjoying the balmy days, greenery and natural beauty that spring and summer bring. You may also be looking around your home for ideas for decor to spruce up your living space for the long summer days and... Continue



Adulting can be hard, but achieving wellness as an adult doesn't have to be. Every day, you can do something that nurtures wellness. Every day, you can do one small thing to diffuse health and happiness into your life. And while you can't eliminate the stresses and responsibilities of... Continue