Is Your Home Outdated or Charming?

Emmet Pierce

Whether you're planning to sell your home or remain there indefinitely, it's important to know that wear and tear can slowly erode your dwelling's appeal. Taken separately, faded kitchen cabinets, worn carpets, and walls that need painting may seem unimportant. However, as the need for... Continue


6 Ways to Save Money on a Large-Scale Home Renovation Project

Alaina Tweddale

A major home renovation can dramatically increase the amount of enjoyment you get out of your home: A new deck, pool, or patio can create enjoyable new spaces to entertain. A kitchen renovation can turn a functional space into a family gathering place. A master suite addition... Continue


Buying a Vehicle for You and Your Family

Michael Kelly

2016 was a record year for car buying in the United States. Americans bought 17.55 million cars and trucks, a slight increase over 2015. An improving economy, low gas prices and easy credit are helping this auto industry boom. If you're considering buying a car for yourself and... Continue



Face it. Every facet of your life is becoming influenced by technology and increased connectivity. Your health is no exception. There is no reason you can't use this to your benefit. The following devices can help you become healthier, more active,... Continue


More than 30 percent of Americans are perpetually sleep-deprived, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Sleep deficiency contributes to a wide range of potential health and safety problems. As we age, it's important to develop and... Continue