Antique and Vintage Shopping Tips and Tricks

Alaina Tweddale

Even amid the most modern of home decor, finding antiques—particularly the right pieces—can bring an unexpected element of interest to just about any room. Still, homeowners and decorators are far from the only antiquers whose joy is sparked by finding an old,... Continue




Antiques and Collectibles: Everything You Need to Know

Alaina Tweddale

Antiques and collectibles are generally rare, sought-after items that are often acquired for their investment value. There's nothing quite like the thrill of the antiques and collectibles hunt, which is perhaps why connoisseurs are delighted by the idea of... Continue



Meditation may bring to mind images of spirituality and solitude—of quiet, candlelit rooms in sacred spaces with music playing softly in the background. But the beauty of meditation is in its simplicity and accessibility: The... Continue