Preparing Your Classic Car for Warmer Weather

Nancy Dunham
Sure, you prep your classic car for winter, but don't forget to do the same for spring and summer driving. This is true even for cars you keep garaged during the winter. Cold weather brings a myriad of issues that can damage your car and... Continue

Why a Hands Free Device May Still Distract Drivers

Nancy Mann Jackson
Think your hands free device makes it safer to use your cell phone while driving? Think again. As it turns out, hands free devices can still be a distraction, and although handsfree is still better than handheld, both can lead to... Continue

5 Car Features That Will Soon Be Standard

Justin Stoltzfus
Car manufacturers are selling a lot of cars worldwide, Statista reports total 2016 sales at over 76 million and projecting 2017 sales of over 77 million – but they’re also building cars with a lot more modern gear. The last few... Continue

Buying a Car for You and Your Family

Michael Kelly
There's a lot to think about if you're planning to buy a car for yourself and your family. We'll help you learn more about vehicle types, safety features, and whether new or used cars might be a better option for you and your... Continue

How to Break in a New Car

Jordan Perch
Breaking in a new car is a practice that has been recommended by manufacturers for decades. It's a combination of driving techniques, precautions and maintenance tasks, which are ultimately supposed to help extend a car's... Continue

Eight Simple Tips for Green Driving

Michael Kelly
Purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle isn't the only way to green driving. Simple changes to your vehicle and driving habits can help reduce pollution. Learn some of the easiest ways you can help make your car greener and safer, while... Continue