Can I Put My Car Insurance On Hold?

Extra Mile Staff
Yes, you can certainly put your insurance on hold but there are some important considerations when suspending the entire policy. Between maintenance, gas, and insurance, owning a vehicle can be expensive; the good news is that you don’t... Continue

10 Ways to Get Your ATV Ready for Spring Fun

Loretta Waldman
Spring is here and for millions of Americans, that means pulling the ATV out of winter storage. It's been a long, chilly few months since your last ride, and you're probably itching to get rolling. But before you hit the trail or haul that... Continue

How to Get Your Golf Cart Ready to Roll for Spring

Jennie L. Phipps
Whether you're heading out to the golf course or for a joy ride around the community, follow these essential steps to make sure your golf cart is in top-notch shape for spring and summer driving. Start With Your Golf Cart's Battery If you... Continue

Preparing Your Classic Car for Warmer Weather

Nancy Dunham
Sure, you prep your classic car for winter, but don't forget to do the same for spring and summer driving. This is true even for cars you keep garaged during the winter. Cold weather brings a myriad of issues that can damage your car and... Continue

Why a Hands Free Device May Still Distract Drivers

Nancy Mann Jackson
Think your hands free device makes it safer to use your cell phone while driving? Think again. As it turns out, hands free devices can still be a distraction, and although handsfree is still better than handheld, both can lead to... Continue