Being in the interior design and construction business for 20 years, we are no stranger to what can happen, both good and bad, during a bathroom renovation. How do you make a bathroom functional and fashionable? Well, we’ve come up with four safe solutions to create a powder room that will suit you and all your visitors, no matter their needs.

1. Stay Grounded

One of the biggest challenges in helping an injured friend or an immobile loved one is getting them to the full bathroom, upstairs. The easiest way to provide the best assistance to someone in need of a shower or trip to the restroom is to make sure you have a fully operable bathroom downstairs that is simple to use and has great ease of access.

This is also great for those days you’re too sore to climb the stairs, or your little one can’t quite make it all the way up before his potty-training goes out the window.

2. Clearance is Key

There is nothing more frustrating than clutter, intentional or not. The ground floor mentioned above could be useless if there isn’t a clear path to get there, use the facility, and then get back. Make sure there is a five-foot radius of clear space in front of the toilet and the sink so everyone can take their time and take full advantage of the restroom.

Space any shelving or racking within clear reach of the sink and bathtub or shower but far enough away that it isn’t in the way of any entries or exits. We suggest wall shelving if you’re in need of more storage.

3. Curbless Appeal

No matter your age or mobility range, stubbing a toe or taking a tumble because your shower or bathtub is inaccessible can be frustrating.

Make your guests feel safe and at home by making sure the shower has reinforced walls and bars and a curbless entrance to make entry and exit a little easier. Grab bars can be installed in finishes that match the rest of your hardware to complete your bathroom look. Not only will you appreciate the functionality, you will love the sleek aesthetic too.

4. Handheld Hospitality

Our favorite accessory to a curbless shower is a handheld showerhead. What is so great about this addition is that it looks luxurious and is simple to use. Make sure to install the holder at an accessible height so visitors big and small can treat themselves to your mini home improvement.

Complement your new handheld shower head with a matching grab bar and no-slip tiling to help ensure your shower is spill-proof. It will also help when it is time to wash the dog or clean the shower!

Northern Californian interior designer Kerrie Kelly founded Kerrie Kelly Design Lab in 1995. She is an award-winning interior designer, author and multi-media consultant, helping national brands reach the interior design market.

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