How to Organize a Closet

Johnna Kaplan
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Eight Home Improvement Projects That Really Pay Off

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Five Home Repair Hacks to Make You Handy at Home

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The Kitchen of the Future

Johnna Kaplan
It wasn't that long ago when the proliferation of smartphones made the then-standard cellphone models look, well, dumb. A similar shift is now taking place in the technology of our homes, and some experts believe that the epicenter of the... Continue

Outdoor Lighting for Entertainment and Security

Brian Dooley
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4 Ideas for a Livable Bathroom Space

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Design Your Home Office in a Weekend

Michael Kelly and Allie Johnson
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Remodel Now to Plan for Your Future

Susanna Smith
Remodeling your home can not only help spice up your living space, it can help you create an environment that will better suit your needs as you age. A study from The Hartford and the University of Southern California observed that 40% of... Continue