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14 Great Golf Vacations for All

Kathy Simpson
Golf is a popular American pastime with many great courses in some of the world's most beautiful places. But what if you don't play? Is it possible to plan a vacation that delivers amazing golf and an amazing vacation experience for... Continue

Don’t Forget Your Vacation Packing List!

Johnna Kaplan
If you travel often or plan to, an easy way to remember everything you need to do each time is to follow a vacation packing list. This can also help you avoid rushing to get everything ready in the days or hours before you leave. Before... Continue

These Mobile Apps May Boost Wellness and Longevity

Nancy Mann Jackson
Here's a rundown of how technology is helping us with personal improvement, caregiving for family members, and personal safety. If you're not using mobile apps to help you accomplish these things, they may be worth a serious... Continue

Retire in Place or Relocate | Which is Right for You?

Emily Guy Birken
Have you decided to retire, but not yet figured out if you will be staying in place or making a move? While you may be perfectly happy staying where you are, there are a number of reasons why you might choose to move after hanging up your... Continue

How to Build the Perfect Road Trip

Michael Kelly & Johnna Kaplan
When vacationing in America, the road trip is synonymous with freedom and spontaneity. While those feelings are among the joys of traveling the open road, the reality is that a good road trip requires a good plan. This is true no matter... Continue